Fiberglass Pool Transportation Regulations


PHTA has compiled the pilot/escort requirements for each state (except Alaska and Hawaii), as well as guidance for when a permit is needed. We have also outlined certain special information needed for pilot cars in the states that have more stringent requirements. The Excel chart linked below breaks down—by state—the dimensions of a load and the escort requirements that are necessary for the size, length, weight, height, and front/rear overhang of a specific load. The states that are highlighted in green are states where the requirements are “Less Stringent.” States that are highlighted yellow are states that are “Somewhat Stringent.” States that are highlighted red are “More Stringent.”

It has been noted by fiberglass professionals and manufacturers that other industries that deal with oversize load shipping, like modular home shipping, do not experience the same burden or restrictions that are affiliated with shipping/transporting fiberglass pools. PHTA’s goal is to seek more leniency and uniformity for the fiberglass industry, especially in states that have more stringent requirements in general. Specific permits, like wide load permits, are often needed for fiberglass pools. Some states do not even allow a pool wider than 15 feet to be transported. Ultimately, PHTA will work to ensure that some of the leniencies granted for other industries can also be applied to fiberglass pools.


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