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GENESIS Instructor Teaching a Class


GENESIS is a company of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, designed to “EDUCATE. CERTIFY. CONNECT.” watershape professionals. 


GENESIS provides the most comprehensive technical education in the industry by focusing on best practices and code compliance, and offering courses taught by the industry’s leading instructors. GENESIS training establishes the highest standards for the industry, and is accredited in compliance with the ANSI/IACET Standard, which is recognized internationally as a pinnacle of excellence in instructional practices.


The educational structure supports certification in the form of membership in the Society of Watershape Designers as an SWD Master or an SWD Registered member. The Society of Watershape Designers is the most prestigious and accomplished group of watershape builders and designers anywhere in the world. The path to SWD certification and membership includes instruction in all disciplines pertinent to our profession: construction, hydraulics, soils analysis, structural design, materials science, concrete applications, color theory, architectural design, and much more.


Finally, GENESIS is based on a culture of connection, forging professional and personal alliances with organizations and professionals throughout the U.S. and abroad. Through classwork and social events, students network with the very best organizations and people industry wide – subject matter experts, fellow builders and designers, key suppliers and distributors and buying groups, among many others. And, certified members are promoted to the “professional community” (architects, designers and engineers) and, ultimately, homeowners.


GENESIS design professionals and contractors have made a conscious decision to improve their professional, and personal, lives through education and a commitment to higher standards in the watershaping industry. Each year, thousands of professionals attend GENESIS courses, trusting that faculty and certified members will share their expertise to help each student elevate their business and themselves.


Today, Genesis University includes more than 200 accredited educational programs instructed by over 46 faculty and staff grouped into five categories: design, engineering, construction, service and business. If you need more information, please contact GENESIS


SWD Masters

SWD Master certification is reserved for the upper echelon of SWD members that have proven their quality, professionalism, ethics, and business prowess. 


Find a SWD Master Here



SWD Registered

SWD Registered are professionals that have completed the rigorous studies required to become SWD Registered. 


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GENESIS Associates

A GENESIS Associate is a student who has taken and successfully completed the requirements to become a GENESIS Associate. 


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