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PPSO for Commercial Operators



PHTA PPSO Handbook


Overview and Courses

The Professional Pool and Spa Operator℠ (PPSO℠) certification course is the new premier choice for certification and is accepted by all states that require certification.  


PPSO is designed specifically for commercial pool operators—not managers or owners—and is laser-focused on operators’ needs. The PPSO course zeroes in on the core skills needed for safe and efficient pool and spa operations, so you are set up for success on day 1. 


Professional Pool and Spa Operator (PPSOSM

This dynamic course takes the student through the 13 chapters of the Professional Pool and Spa Operator Manual and give students what they need to know to conform to commercial sector standards. After completing this course the student will have gained a strong understanding of Safety, Basic Water Chemistry, Pool Circulation and Filtration, Pool and Spa Maintenance, and Water Quality; learned about other important topics such as record-keeping, basic pool math calculations, contamination procedures, water testing, and routine and preventive maintenance; and earned a name for yourself in the commercial pool industry. 


Registrants for the course receive a copy of the PHTA Professional Pool and Spa Manual. A physical address is required for shipment of materials. 


Target Audience 

The PPSO is a course for those new to the commercial pool and spa industry or are working as a commercial pool and spa operator and wish to gain their PPSO certification. This self-paced online course can be your initial action to earn the respected PPSO certification. 


PPSO Certification 

  • Commercial pool operators 

  • Easy to understand charts 

  • Dynamic format with videos, quizzes and interactive exercises 

  • Zeroes in on core skills needed for safe and efficient pool and spa operations 

  • Online courses available for states that allow it; hybrid courses for states that do not 


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What our Students Say: 

“Concepts are easier to understand.” 

“No math for chemical adjustments. Great idea!” 

“I like the videos in the course. They help me understand the topics.” 


Teach the PPSO Course: Gain a New Revenue Stream 

Learn how you can become a trainer. Teach the PPSO course to gain a new revenue stream for your business. If you’re interested in becoming a PPSO course instructor, download an application today! 


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