Certified Hot Tub Technician (CHTT)


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Step Into Swim

Help PHTA create more swimmers! Step Into Swim is PHTA's water safety initiative that provides grants to swim lesson providers around the country, giving children in underserved communities access to lifesaving swim lessons. Every dollar donated to Step Into Swim goes straight to the learn-to-swim programs. Donate today!

PHTA Instructor Agreements and Blank Charge Form

PHTA Instructor Education Affiliate Programs

The goal of the Affiliate program is to assist active PHTA Instructors in delivering additional in-person PHTA education to their students. This will demonstrate value as well as generate additional revenue for the instructor. Please click here to view a breakdown of each Affiliate Education Program.

  • Certified Hot Tub Technician (CHTT)
  • Certified Maintenance Specialist (CMS)
  • Certified Pool Inspector (CPI)
  • Certified Service Technician (CST)

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