A Trusted Source

PHTA is the industry's most trusted voice in government. PHTA advocates on our membership’s behalf to federal, state, and local governments on issues impacting their businesses.

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Protecting Your Interests

PHTA constantly monitors legislative and regulatory issues that affect your business, but our continued success depends on you. Member input and financial support on what enhances or threatens businesses helps us chart an industry course for success.

Making a Difference

PHTA works with legislators, regulators, and local officials to provide feedback on proposed measures while working to ensure our industry is not subjected to any unfair regulations. PHTA also puts forward initiatives for consideration by government bodies that come from our members and improve our industry. Furthermore, PHTA works collaboratively with allied groups and coalitions to strengthen our position.

PHTA is the industry's trusted and powerful voice in government. On Capitol Hill and in front of state and local government entities, PHTA fights for pool and hot tub safety and our member interests, while opposing overly restrictive and unreasonable policies that could unnecessarily damage both member businesses and local economies. PHTA responds to a rapidly changing economic and regulatory environment and continues to evolve, not just to keep pace, but to march ahead of emerging trends and future challenges. Through government relations and standards development that become key components to state and local building codes, PHTA advances key legislation and regulation at the federal, state, and local levels.


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