Certified Expert Pool Builder & Design Professional


The Certified Expert Pool Builder & Design Professional involves a rigorous design curriculum that validates your knowledge as a well-rounded professional. Being knowledgeable in design will help you market your business, talk to consumers, and translate design features into your plans. 

Expert CBP is the third level of certification in the new PHTA Certified Pool Builder and Design Professional Pathway, an education and certification career pathway designed to build on your foundation of knowledge so that you can become a Certified Master Pool Builder and Design Professional.

Prerequisites to Earn the Expert CBP Certification

Application Process

You must complete and return the Expert CBP application. The Expert CBP application fee is $300.

Please contact PHTA at service@phta.org for additional information on the Expert CBP application process.

Maintain Your Certification

If I hold an Expert CBP, how do I recertify?
Your certification needs to be renewed every three years and you will apply on the recertification webpage. To recertify, submit your documentation of the 24 hours of continuing education and pay the recertification fee. If you hold a higher-level CBP credential (Advanced, Expert, or Master), your CBP needed for licensure renews along with your higher-level credential.

If I need CBP certificate for my licensing board, will I receive this when I recertify?
Yes! When you recertify, there will be a place to indicate that you need this certification for licensure. If you indicate yes, you will receive your higher-level certificate for your wall/office and a CBP certificate to satisfy licensing requirements.

Learn more about maintaining your status as a PHTA-certified individual and continue to enjoy the associated benefits. To be recertified, you must complete 24 hours of continuing education every three years. The Expert CBP renewal fee is $300.

Application for recertification is due on or before December 31 of the year your certification expires. Failure to recertify by that time, or by the end of the 90 day grace period (April 1 of the following year), will result in a late fee being applied to your certification. Up to 1 year past your certification expiration, you will need to reapply for certification, submit proof of total continuing education hours, and pay the recertification fee and the late penalty. For questions or clarification, please contact PHTA at service@phta.org or 719-540-9119.


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