International Swimming Pool & Spa Code


To continue to unite and strengthen the industry through unified standards and building code regulations, PHTA advocates for adoption of the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (ISPSC). With 14 statewide mandatory adoptions and nearly 400 local jurisdictions having already adopted this code, as well as one international adoption, PHTA members benefit from consistent requirements among the jurisdictions they work in and consumers benefit by having the peace of mind that their pool, spa, or hot tub is built to industry standards. View the current ISPSC Adoption Status Report

  • ISPSC Information: PHTA strongly supports adoption of the ISPSC in all 50 states and will work with members and state and local officials toward that goal.
    • Additional ISPSC information can be found here
    • PHTA provides ISPSC training that can be found here
  • International Code Council Information: In addition to the ISPSC, provisions in the International Energy & Conservation Code, International Building Code, International Residential Code, and other I-codes and Standards (A117.1 for Accessibility, for example) can be relevant to the pool and hot tub industry. Find information on those codes and the development process here:
  • National Electrical Code (also known as NFPA 70): The National Electric Code (NEC) includes requirements for pools, hot tubs, and other water features, found in Article 680. Requirements exist for equipotential bonding of swimming pools, pool lights, pool pumps, and other aspects that have an electrical component. This national code is adopted by all 50 states. In recent code development cycles, proposals have been considered that would change the pool and spa bonding requirements or make them difficult to interpret. Through PHTA involvement with code development at both the NFPA and at the state level when considering amendments to the NEC, and in submitting public comments and testifying before committees, PHTA has successfully defended the use of the single wire bond to meet the equipotential bonding requirement for swimming pools. PHTA continues to represent its members’ interests by having a voice on Panel 17, which addresses Article 680 that includes pool and spa requirements, to ensure technically accurate and rationale requirements exist and keep out onerous provisions that are not necessary. PHTA also monitors and engages in efforts at the state level to amend provisions in Article 680 that do not have the technical rationale to warrant such a change.


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