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Pool Professionals Podcast Series

Pool Professionals Podcast

The Pool Professionals Podcast is an ongoing series produced by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA), where pool and hot tub professionals discuss important topics and trends related to their business. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the industry, this podcast is your go-to source for staying informed and inspired in the world of pool professionals.

Hosted by industry expert and GENESIS® Co-Founder Brian Van Bower, these episodes will cover a diverse range of topics, from design, sales, and marketing to company expansion, employee retention, and maintaining customer relationships. Get insights into pool finishes, water treatment methods, and product profiles.

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Episode 6: Charlie Claffey on Financial Literacy and Risk Mitigation

April 15, 2024
Host Brian Van Bower and guest Charlie Claffey, President of Claffey Pools in Southlake, TX, explore the pivotal metric of profitability in running a successful business. They stress the necessity of understanding financial performance and the importance of lead generation tracking for revenue forecasting. Charlie's advice to new pool company owners is to become an expert in financial literacy in order to mitigate risks and ensure sustainability. Ultimately, this episode underscores the imperative of active involvement in financial matters to safeguard your company's success, particularly during challenging times.


Episode 5: Paul John Boulifard on Collaborating with Clients

March 29, 2024
Host Brian Van Bower welcomes GENESIS Design Faculty Chair Paul John Boulifard, Architect + LEED AP, to the show. The two discuss the primary factors that shape outdoor environments. Emphasizing the importance of collaboration with clients, the conversation highlights how understanding their needs, vision, and expectations is paramount, positioning professionals as invaluable resources. Moreover, the influence of home architecture on project design is explored, shedding light on the significance of listening to the client and ensuring that everyone involved has a voice in project leadership. This episode also delves into the challenges and benefits of collaboration in outdoor design, underscoring the value of conversation and networking for continual education and learning opportunities.


Episode 4: Isaac Keselman on the Importance of Education and Automation

March 15, 2024
In this episode, we catch up with Isaac Keselman, Master CBP, founder and president of Aqua Doctor. Keselman started off in the service side of the industry but found they were fequently asked by clients during service visits to solve pool problems created by other companies. They became so good at fixing problems created by other pool builders and construction firms, that it was an easy transition to building their own pools. Listen in to hear how education and curiosity (along with automation and AI) have paved the way to success for this booming company, and why Keselman believes that if you put 16 hours into a design class, you'll get 160 hours back.


Episode 3: Rocky Wisley on Job Costing Unusual Jobs, and How to Keep Employees Happy

February 28, 2024
Rocky Wisley, Master CBP, ACI Certified Nozzleman, is President at Serenity Hardscapes LLC, a full-service pool company in Arlington, TN. In this episode, Rocky talks with host Brian Van Bower about using trends and history on jobsites to keep costing on track, maintaining customer relations as the best form of marketing, and how he retains employees and keeps company culture at the top of his to-do list.


Episode 2: Ed Gibbs on Building Pools and Company Culture

February 13, 2024
Ed Gibbs, President & CEO of Gib-San Pool and Landscape Creations in Toronto, Ontario, talks with host Brian Van Bower about the importance of company culture, continuing education, and understanding clients' needs. Ed also gives insights on building pools in cold climates.


Episode 1: GENESIS® Co-Founder Skip Phillips

January 25, 2024
GENESIS® Co-Founder Skip Phillips talks with Brian about his philosophies on the most important decision factors in building and designing a pool, shares some life-changing lessons learned on client projects and shares tips learned in his decades in the business. Hint: never give your clients what they ask for!


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