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PHTA Committees

PHTA Committees develop and manage many critical programs and initiatives that advance the organization’s mission and success. These industry leaders explore vital technical issues that affect our industry and advance the professional practices of PHTA members.

For more information, email PHTA’s Director of Councils and Chapters Amy Cannon at acannon@phta.org.

The Audit Committee acts on behalf of the boards of directors and oversees all material aspects of PHTA financial reporting, internal control, and audit functions. The committee coordinates with other board committees and maintains a strong, positive working relationship with management, external auditors, finance staff, counsel, and other committee advisors.

Members of the Education Committee have a direct impact on the PHTA education platform. They are responsible for reviewing speaker proposals and presentations and play an integral role in developing education provided to PHTA members.

The Finance Committee is responsible for budgeting, financial reporting, contingency planning, investment policy, reserve policy, and the financial effect of employee benefits. The committee prepares monthly reports to the Executive Committees and assists other committees and staff, including the Planning Committee.

The IHTA of PHTA Engineering Committee are portable spa and hot tub manufacturers that advise key industry leaders on issues surrounding portable spa and hot tub standards, codes and laws impacting the industry.

The Membership Committee promotes the benefits and programs to the pool and hot tub industry by developing messaging strategies and ensuring the relevance and resonance of those strategies through constant evaluation. Additionally, they develop strategies to increase membership recruitment and retention.

The PHTA Recreational Water Quality Committee is an invaluable authority in assisting the PHTA in the development and maintenance of authoritative information regarding chemical products, processes and devices that affect water quality maintenance in the swimming pools, spas and hot tub industry. Through its efforts, the Recreational Water Quality Committee advances the business image and welfare of PHTA members by providing technical expertise on water quality and treatment.

PHTA supports the following Standard Writing Committees:

  • PHTA-1 Standard Writing Committee (SWC) for Public Pool and Spa Design, Construction and Installation
  • PHTA-2 SWC for Public Pool and Spa Operations and Maintenance
  • PHTA-3 SWC for Permanently Installed Residential Spas and Swim Spas
  • PHTA-4 SWC for Aboveground/Onground Residential Swimming Pools
  • PHTA-5 SWC for Residential Inground Swimming Pools
  • PHTA-6 SWC for Residential Portable Spas and Swim Spas
  • PHTA-7 SWC for Suction Entrapment Avoidance In Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, and Catch Basins
  • PHTA-8 SWC for Model Barrier Code for Residential Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs
  • PHTA-9 SWC for Aquatic Recreation Facilities
  • PHTA-11 SWC for Water Quality in Public Pools and Spas
  • PHTA-12 SWC for the Plastering of Swimming Pools and Spas
  • PHTA-13 SWC for Water Conservation Efficiency in Residential and Public Pools, Spas, Portable Spas and Swim Spas
  • PHTA-14 SWC for Portable Electric Spa Energy Efficiency
  • PHTA-15 SWC for Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Energy Efficiency
  • PHTA-16 SWC for Suction Outlet Fitting Assemblies (SOFA) for Use in Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs

PHTA has reaccredited its procedures with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a Standards Developing Organization. In doing so, PHTA has created the PHTA Standards Consensus Committee (SCC) in accordance with ANSI essential requirements and due process requirements for American National Standards (ANS). The SCC is responsible for the consensus review of all ANS activities including the approval, maintenance, revision, reaffirmation, adoption, and withdrawal of an ANS for swimming pools, spas, swim spas and portable hot tubs. The activities of the SCC are performed in accordance with PHTA’s ANSI Accredited Procedures for Development of American National Standards and ANSI’s Essential Requirements: Due process requirements for American National Standards.

The SCC comprises a balance of individuals, companies or organizations from each of the following interest categories:

  • Producer: Manufacturer, builder, or installer of swimming pools, spas, swim spas and hot tubs or components.
  • User-Government: Federal, state, or local regulatory agencies or departments for public safety or others who have responsibility of regulating or monitoring swimming pools, spas, swim spas, or hot tubs.
  • User-Consumer: Any individual/entity that uses swimming pools, spas, swim spas and hot tubs or components. This includes but is not limited to homeowners, owners or operators of, or service professionals engaged with swimming pools, spas, swim spas, or hot tubs, or members of consumer and public safety advocate organizations.
  • General Interest: An entity or individual with expertise in swimming pools, but neither produces nor uses them directly. This category includes but is not limited to consultants, academia, insurance companies, testing laboratories (that test or certify pool and spa components against standards), public interest organizations and “not-for-profits” having an interest in pools, spas/hot tubs.

The Technical Committee plays an active role in the development of educational content technological programming to include conferences, workshops, webinars, and e-newsletters while serving as an organizational “think tank” for future technology advancements and the impact on the pool and hot tub industry.

The WAVE Network guides and recommends activities for the PHTA young association professionals that build community and learning opportunities that are relevant to young association professionals today. It helps create a foundation for PHTA young professionals by working together with PHTA volunteer leaders and staff.


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