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PHTA Staff

Executive Office

Sabeena Hickman, CAE
President and CEO

  • Vision, Mission and Strategy
  • Board of Directors and Governance
  • Member and Industry Relations

E: shickman@phta.org
P: 703-647-2552


Jeanne Mendelson
Vice President, Education & Events

  • Primary Oversight for Education, Certification, Meetings and Events
  • Education & Certification Committee Liaison
  • Education Partnerships

E: jmendelson@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 179

Katie Junkers
Director, Education

  • Education Development
  • GENESIS Faculty Liaison
  • CEU Affiliations (IACET, ASLA, APLD)
  • Speaker Management and Online Learning Oversight

E: kjunkers@phta.org
P: 920-945-0546


Lisa Ryckeley
Director, Events

  • WAHC Annual Conference Management
  • Education Event Management
  • GENESIS Membership and Customer Relations

E: lryckeley@phta.org
P: 615-907-1274

Natalie Hood
Director, Instructor Relations

  • CPO Instructor Relations and Customer Service
  • Instructor School Oversight
  • CPO Program Management
  • Instructor Reauthorization

E: nhood@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 190


Charlie Raphael
Director, Online Education and Certification

  • Online Course Development
  • LMS Management
  • Certification Operations

E: craphael@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 166

Hannah Dickmyer
Coordinator, Education

  • Customer service support for certification and education programs
  • Certification exam processing and follow up
  • Education Partners Program (EPP) administration

E: hdickmyer@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 144

Finance and Administration

Bill Aronson
Director, Finance and Administration

  • Financial Oversight
  • HR Administrator
  • IT Liaison

E: baronson@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 153

Tammy Hancock
Controller, Finance and Administration

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

E: thancock@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 114


Netty Ford
Manager, Finance and Administration

  • Accounts Payable / Disbursements
  • Accounts Receivables / Deposits

E: nford@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 176

Ian Tobin
Coordinator, Finance and Administration

  • Virginia office services support
  • Credit card and expense report management
  • Accounts receivable collections

E: itobin@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 103

Government Relations & Codes

Jason Davidson
Director, Government Relations

  • Lead on State and Local Legislative and Regulatory Issues
  • Drives state and local ISPSC and PHTA standard adoption
  • Facilitates Grassroots Involvement

E: jdavidson@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 165

Nick Capezza
Senior Manager, Codes & External Standards

  • Lead on Code Development work in national code-making bodies and state code cycles
  • Oversight of outside standard development work by other standard organizations
  • Point person for code interpretation and compliance questions

E: ncapezza@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 122

Marketing and Communications

Janay Rickwalder, CAE
Vice President, Public Relations and Communications

  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Partnership Development with Media and Other Associations
  • Consumer Marketing

E: jrickwalder@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 180

Jessica Howard
Vice President, Marketing

  • Membership and Education Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Website and Community Platform Oversight

E: jhoward@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 149


Sheri Jackson
Senior Director, Business Development

  • Sponsorship for PHTA and GENESIS
  • Sales Strategy and Outreach
  • Strategic Partnership Program

E: sjackson@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 157

Jasen Zubcevik
Creative Director, Marketing

  • Directs Design and Production of Marketing Collateral
  • Implements Design and Format Standards
  • Coordinates Projects with Outside Vendors

E: jzubcevik@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083

Amy Willer
Manager, Marketing and Communications

  • Content Development
  • Segmented Communications
  • Email Communications

E: awiller@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 121

Membership and Client Services

Seth Ewing
Senior Director, Membership and Client Services

  • Membership and Client Service
  • Affinity Partners
  • International Hot Tub Association (IHTA)

E: sewing@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 159

Michael Lasher, IOM
Director, CPSA

  • California Pool and Spa Association Management

E: mlasher@phta.org
P: 916-447-4113


Amy Cannon
Director, Chapters and Councils

  • Chapter Relations
  • Councils and Committees
  • Volunteer Leadership

E: acannon@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 142

Cheryl Claborn
Director, Membership Development

  • Membership Retention & Recruitment
  • PHTA Member Support
  • PHTA Affiliations

E: cclaborn@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 116


Kenya Thomas
Director, Database Management

  • Database Management
  • PHTA Fulfillment Management
  • Membership Billing

E: kthomas@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 146

Ashley Reyna
Manager, Client Services

  • Client Services Supervisor
  • CPO Testing and Courses
  • PHTA Instructor Relations
  • Fulfillment

E: areyna@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 117


Alma Valdez
Customer Service Specialist

  • Bilingual Client Services
  • Fulfillment

E: avaldez@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 109

Tiffany Cullen
Customer Service Specialist

  • Client Services
  • Fulfillment

E: tcullen@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 110


Amber Moreno
Client Services Representative

  • CPO Course Processing
  • Fulfillment Specialist
  • Client Services

E: amoreno@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 111

Noelle Barge
Member Service Representative

  • Member Service Center Support
  • Membership Processing

E: nbarge@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 127


Rowdy Gaines
Vice President, Partnerships and Development

  • Step Into Swim
  • Business and Partnership Development
  • PHTA Spokesperson

E: rgaines@phta.org


Genevieve Lynn
Manager, Standards

  • ANSI Standards Development, Strategy & Accreditation
  • Standards Consensus Committee (SCC), Technical Committee (TC), Recreational Water Quality Committee (RWQC) Liaison
  • Standard Writing Committees (SWCs) Oversight & Management

E: glynn@phta.org
P: 703-838-0083, ext. 155


Pool & Hot Tub Alliance Strategic Partners:

  • Fluidra
  • Hayward
  • Lou
  • Pentair

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