PHTA Chapters

Chapters make up the backbone of PHTA, building a bridge with local professional communities, extending exceptional local service to members, and providing support, knowledge, and networking keyed to each member's unique geographic needs.

Chapters deliver local benefits to PHTA members through:

  • Programs that educate and inform chapter members
  • Networking opportunities through regularly scheduled meetings and events
  • The development and maintenance of relationships with local government officials and agencies

Chapters are vital to member participation at the grassroots level and instrumental in shaping the future of the pool, hot tub, and spa industry.

Current Chapters include:


Central Arizona

Central Virginia


Greater Austin

Greater Houston

Greater St. Louis





North Carolina

North Texas

Pacific Northwest

San Diego

South Carolina

Southern Arizona

Interested in joining a chapter or starting one? Email Chapter Services.

Pool & Hot Tub Alliance Partners:

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  • Pentair
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  • latham
  • International Pool and Spa
  • Fluidra
  • Biolab
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