Energy Efficiency


In addition to federal regulations that exist, some states have state appliance regulations and codes addressing energy efficiency. PHTA advocates for the adoption of national codes and PHTA standards when addressing energy efficiency at the state level. This includes advocating for the adoption of the APSP-14 Standard for Portable Spa Energy Efficiency and PHTA-15 Standard for Residential Pool and Spa Energy Efficiency, both of which are adopted by reference in the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code.


Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Pools and spas are becoming greener, and that’s a good thing!

PHTA recognizes the trend that consumers want and expect energy efficient pools, spas and hot tubs. Using its technical research and standards, PHTA developed two energy standards, ANSI/PHTA/ICC-15 2021 Standard for Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Energy Efficiency and ANSI/APSP/ICC-14 2019 Standard for Portable Electric Spa Energy Efficiency as a way for manufacturers to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable and green products. And it gives consumers more choices to save even more money while enjoying their pool, spa or hot tub.

Approved Energy Efficient Pool Pumps:

  • View the energy efficient pool pumps here.
  • View the energy efficient replacement motor pool pumps here.


With ENERGY STAR certified residential in-ground pool pumps, you can offer your clients a premium product that saves money, lasts longer, works better, and can expand your business.

Made by the manufacturers you know and trust, ENERGY STAR certified pool pumps:

  • Are third-party certified to use 70 percent less energy and save your clients thousands of dollars in energy costs.
  • Qualify for generous utility incentives across the country.
  • Run much quieter, clean better, and last longer than conventional single speed pumps.
  • Can help serve as a gateway to more high-tech, high-end offerings for your clients.


Department of Energy Dedicated Pool Pump (DPPP) Regulations
Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated Purpose Pool Pump regulations are aimed to achieve improved energy efficiency and are being driven by the Department of Energy (DOE). Under the current rules:

  • These regulations state that self-priming filtration pumps past a certain horsepower threshold — whether residential or commercial — must meet an established performance standard.
  • These new minimum efficiency standards take effect July 19, 2021.
  • If a pool owner can repair a malfunctioning pump with a new motor, the replacement motor doesn’t have to comply with the rules.
  • The DOE regulation applies to complete pumps and the industry is currently proposing similar standards for replacement motors.

Check out the DPPP Frequently Asked Questions document here.

Learn more about the impact on the commercial pool market here.


APSP 14-CEC Energy Label Template

The APSP-14 standard requires that each spa sold is provided with a label indicating the spa manufacturer, model, volume, and energy usage information. This label is to be affixed to either the spa shell or front cabinetry and to be visible at the point of sale and only removed by the customer. Many states and jurisdictions are now employing APSP-14 and the label is needed for compliance. PHTA has provided standardized templates for your convenience.

Please use the standardized template labels below to incorporate the energy data for each of your models.




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