Drought Restrictions & Water Conservation

Let's Pool Together!


In early 2022, PHTA re-launched our drought awareness campaign, entitled Let's Pool Together. The campaign is aimed at educating the public and policymakers at state and local levels on the facts about water use in relation to swimming pools and home spas, as well as the economic, social, and public health implications of the pool and spa industry in California.

Outreach includes our consumer website,, designed to provide facts and resources for pool and spa owners such as water use statistics, conservation tips, and more. Marketing materials such as fact sheets, door hangers, billing inserts, and media kits are also available for industry professionals.

In addition to our consumer outreach, the California Pool & Spa Association (CPSA) and PHTA are also heavily involved at a legislative level, providing input and information to local city councils and water districts that have proposed restrictions on the use of public water to fill pools.

Water Conservation Awareness


Over the years, PHTA and CPSA have had to address false perceptions about pools and hot tubs and their water usage. This was in response to proposed bans on building or filling pools and hot tubs in times of drought. (Similar bans have also occurred in Georgia, Texas, and other localities.) In response, CPSA and other industry leaders have developed information on water conservation tips and provided accurate information on our water usage footprint. Outreach to government officials and water agencies have occurred to: (1) inform them of the true water usage, (2) explain how standards and codes have provided for products that provide for water conservation, and (3) describe the potential economic impact of restricting construction. It is imperative to get accurate information to officials early on and be proactive in addressing drought restrictions by providing information on industry water conservation tips.


Water conservation methods have grown in importance with drought restrictions having been put in place in areas across the country that have experienced extreme drought. The issue for the industry is how to prevent bans on building new pools and filling both new and existing pools and spas. PHTA and CPSA strongly support water conservation, and PHTA has developed an ANSI/APSP/ICC Water Conservation Standard and other water-saving tips to ensure officials have technically accurate rationale and consistent measures for states and code-making bodies to utilize. PHTA and CPSA oppose water restrictions that prohibit topping off pools because stagnant pools pose a significant health risk. Swimming pools also provide first responders with a water source in emergency situations.



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