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NFPA Issues Update to 2023 NEC

The NFPA Standards Council approved updates to the 2023 National Electrical Code (NEC) related to pools on April 10, 2023. These updates were proposed by a task group comprising representatives from PHTA, utility companies, and Consumer Product Safety Commission, and were approved by the NFPA Code Making Panel.

A few of the changes to the 2023 NEC include: 

  • The definition of "pool" in the NEC now explicitly excludes bodies of water such as lagoons and surf parks, even if they contain a swimming area. (Lagoons and surf parks are covered by Article 682 of the NEC.)
  • In addition to unencapsulated steel structural reinforcing steel, steel structural welded wire or copper grid can be used for perimeter bonding on conductive paved areas not more than 6 inches below finished grade as long as they are listed for corrosion resistance and mechanical performance. This listing requirement will take effect on January 1, 2025.
  • The code language on unpaved portions of perimeter surfaces has been clarified.
  • Nonconductive portions of perimeter surfaces that are separated from the earth or raised on non-conductive supports and meet code requirements will not require equipotential bonding.

Several states are currently reviewing and updating their NEC adoptions. For more information on NEC adoptions, please visit the NEC adoptions page or contact PHTA Director of Codes and External Standards Greg Ceton.


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