Member Profile: Vicki Hudson

  1. How long have you been a member of PHTA? 
    Approximately 19 years.
  2. Why did you join PHTA?  
    Networking and education.
  3. What committee/council/chapter do you currently volunteer with?  
    President of Central Virginia Chapter.
  4. What do you enjoy most about volunteering? 
  5. What is your current occupation? How long have you been in the pool and hot tub industry?   
    Inside Sales at Superior Pool Products, Norfolk, VA. 19 years.
  6. What do you love most about the pool and hot tub industry? 
    Interaction with fellow pool industry people.
  7. How do you define success? 
    Advancement in career.
  8. Who inspires you? 
    My sister, who, despite MS, always sees the positive in a situation.
  9. If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would you choose? Why?  
    Lady Diana – because of the work she did with the underprivileged.
  10.  What’s one thing - either industry-related or not - you learned in the last month? 
  11. What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know? 
    I’m “the cat lady.”
  12. What’s the last book you read? 
    The 9th Girl by Tami Hoag
  13. What’s the first concert you ever attended? 
    Oak Ridge Boys at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  14. If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
    Cheeseburger with Fries

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