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PHTA-16 Standard for Suction Outlet Fitting Assemblies (SOFA) for Use in Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs - Draft in Development

This standard establishes materials, testing, use, installation, and marking requirements for new or replacement bather-accessible Suction Outlet Fitting Assemblies (SOFAs), other than maintenance drains, that are designed to be fully submerged for use in swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, portable spas, non-portable wading pools, or other aquatic venues intended for swimming or recreational bathing. Skimmers and vacuum connection covers are excluded from the scope of this standard.

Stakeholders: Manufacturers, builders, designers, retailers, U.S. public health and code officials, local municipalities, pool and spa operators, and service companies, including storable pool manufacturers and their retail users.

Revision in Process: To update existing standard in accordance with latest testing, technology, and research on suction entrapment avoidance. Additional language on Storable Pool Integral Suction Outlet Fitting Assemblies (SOFAs) is included in this revision of the ANS.

Current Version: ANSI/APSP/ICC-16 2017 American National Standard for Suction Outlet Fitting Assemblies (SOFA) for Use in Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs



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